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The Chaos of Growth

Have you ever looked at a seed? I mean, moved close to it and really studied that little pod of impending life? There it is, completely contained in its safe shell, perfectly shaped and easily hidden out of view. It could remain there, safely tucked in its protective sheath, never changing from its current state.…

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Go Small and Go Home

Americans love abundance. Wait, let’s rephrase that — Americans love excess. There is a difference, you know, with abundance being a welcomed overflow of plentiful goodness while excess is a burdensome collecting of that which impedes function. Americans, being ingrained with mantras of “bigger is better” and “go big or go home” since birth, seem…


How to Learn from an Imperfect Life

I bet even Shakespeare had some bad teenage poetry in his past. Eventually, he learned a few things. We all do. Eventually. Imperfection eventually breeds knowledge, and given the right application, wisdom. When someone says, “I’m not _______,” believe them the first time. Examples of this are: I’m not the marrying kind. I’m not the…

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Beauty of the Ozarks from 5,000 feet

The Ozark Mountain region of Arkansas holds a myriad of beautiful sights and notable locations. One walk along the Buffalo National River will attest to that, and yet so much more is held within the hills of this region. Forests, caverns, creeks, and rivers, all adorned by regal bluff lines towering overhead. Crystal clear waters flow…


A Life, Enchanted

She captured a photo of the entrance to Lincoln Woods Park in Rhode Island. A light morning mist enveloped the covered bridge, wrapping it in both a welcoming invitation and a cautious mystery. She described how she and her dogs were nearing one of their favorite places to explore, which was a daily ritual in…


Home is Not a Place on the Map

Earlier this week, I dusted off some old thoughts after receiving a writing prompt in an email. The prompt, which is intended to get the creative juices flowing, simply said, “Home is . . . ” with the instruction to complete the thought. The moment I read it, I wrote without hesitation: Home is not…

"True beauty does not ask for attention."
Sean Penn