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Crazy Sexy Creative

It’s been flirting with you, following you and winking in its captivating way. Inexplicably, you are lured to its side. You have secretly wanted to jump into it with all that you are, but you are afraid. The list of consequences continually scrolls through your mind, and a schedule that is too full with work…

vote women suffrage 1920

Your Vote is Your Voice

The morning broke with a light drizzle falling from overcast skies. A young couple dressed and stepped outside their Hannibal, Missouri, home to walk downtown. It was 1920 and election day in the small river village. After several blocks, the couple arrived at the polling place to be greeted by the young man’s father, but…

stuff downsize excess declutter

5 Reasons to Downsize Your Stuff

The subject of downsizing stuff has been on my mind lately, and especially this last week. I look around my house and wonder why I have certain objects which either require perpetual dusting, moving, or repairing. Often, I find myself looking at my house as a whole and ask, “Why do I have all this…

The Road Home

When all the noise of the world becomes too much to hear, gather yourself and go home. Home is that shelter where the outside world is not allowed entry, where one can rest the body and rejuvenate the soul. Home is where the healing is. For me, the road is home, or the closest thing…

"You don't need to speak to talk to God."
Greg Hindy