About Me

About Me Rita HerrmannA few years ago, it seemed I had everything one would need – a good job, a house, a car, primary control of the remote control – you know, the American Dream so often promised. I had no reason to complain, yet I was empty. Only after a week-long solo road trip found me in the middle of a cornfield in Iowa on my hands and knees with my soul cracking open like a coconut, did I realize something had to change. Quickly.

What followed that day was a rediscovery of what fuels me: writing. I have loved writing since I was a child, yet I never realized until decades later how  much the process and product feeds my soul. Almost immediately, I began writing weekly missives on my blog entitled She Wears Red Shoes, which eventually transformed into this website you are currently viewing.

While my days are spent in the corporate world of the financial industry with dozens of hours a week knee-deep in spreadsheets, life outside of the day job is decidedly more simple. Melting into nature and observing the beauty in small moments of daily life are like nectar. A good laugh in the sunshine is nourishment. A Sunday afternoon with nothing on the schedule is like heaven. And a simple house is, like, so easy to clean.

Grab a cup and let’s have a chat.

"Whatever has happened to you has happened for you."
Oprah Winfrey