A single coin

Breaking the Seal

Originally published December 28, 2014: One year ago, I made a vow to attend a retreat hosted by Squam Art Workshops (SAW). This I promised after completing an online class via SAW where I learned random weaving and was completely swept up in the teaching style and encouragement. Me. Weaving. Randomly. Don’t judge me. The…

creative creativity crazy sexy affair

Crazy Sexy Creative

It’s been flirting with you, following you and winking in its captivating way. Inexplicably, you are lured to its side. You have secretly wanted to jump into it with all that you are, but you are afraid. The list of consequences continually scrolls through your mind, and a schedule that is too full with work…

100 Days of Purpose

Imagine this:  You are given a chance to have that thing you have always wanted, but it will cost you.  You hem and haw, kick your feet, and finally ask, “How much?” An otherworldly voice says, “Less than $1.” Suddenly, you perk up. You stand up straight and yell, “I’m in! Here’s my dollar!” Could it…

"There are years that ask questions, and years that answer."
Zora Neale Houston