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Warrior in Training

My favorite type of book is the memoir. I love to read about a person who pushed through a difficult situation and emerged on the other side, stronger. I want to listen to what they learned on that journey, and perhaps glean something from their experience that could be applied to my life. The trials…

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Balancing the Bliss

Over the last couple months, I have read a few articles which criticize the adage “follow your bliss” as the worst career advice ever given. Even a well-known television personality, Mike Rowe, best known for the show Dirty Jobs and known for his support of manual laborers, weighed in on the subject. Thought these articles, and I…

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Always Ask the Turtle

Would you like me to read this post to you?* Click here**:   In her book My Life on the Road, Gloria Steinem tells the story of being a college student on a field trip with her geology class. While exploring the area around the Connecticut River with her instructor and classmates, she spotted a large snapping…

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Exercising Serenity

While running late for work this week, I waited too long to leave the house and was at the mercy of commuter traffic while trying to turn left onto the highway. After waiting 10 minutes for what normally would take 10 seconds, I put the car in reverse and proceeded to take the scenic route…

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Throwing Starfish

A few weeks ago, I attended a Celebration of Life service and heard the parable of the starfish. In a few short lines, the parable reminds the listener of the importance one person can make on the world, even with the smallest acts. In the present day world, drunk on technology and smothered by relentless media,…

"We aren't meant to be perfect. We are meant to be whole."
Jane Fonda